Our remodelling project at the school is on hold now. We do need a building permit, so until we get one, we’ll just cool our heels. I expect that won’t happen until Friday or so.

When I got home from work today, I had a package (this time, one that I was expecting) in the mail. I had ordered a ten-pack of solar powered flashlights. Yes, you read that right. Solar. Powered. Flashlights. That used to be a joke, but with the addition of a rechargeable battery, it starts to make sense.

Unfortunately, they sent me the one-pack instead of the ten-pack, even though I paid for the ten-pack ($18.67 at Meritline). I sent them an email to hopefully clear this up. They are certainly worth $1.87 each, but I did not want to pay $18.67 for just one.

I plan to use a couple in a hacking project I have in mind. I want to build a heliostat (that is, a sun tracker) so that my solar phone charger can always point at the sun. I’ll use one of the solar panels from the flashlight to drive a motor which will rotate my big charger until the little panel finds itself in the shade and stops the motor.

I also noticed today that the Indian Tobacco (Lobelia inflata) is in bloom now.

Indian Tobacco (Lobelia inflata)

Indian Tobacco (Lobelia inflata)