I was pretty wiped out yesterday. Jonathan and I showed up at the church at 8:00am and started the school remodelling project. I had him get the Internet back up while I started moving furniture into the corner, or out of the room. By 11:30 no one else had shown up, and I was beginning to feel discouraged.

But it wasn’t long after that that four more guys did show up, and then things started to move a little faster. We emptied out a closet, unwired some walls, and then started taking them out. Here’s what it looked like today:

Closet Destruction

Closet Destruction

Hallway Absorbtion

Hallway Absorbtion

The first shot shows where the closet used to be. The second one shows where the hallway used to be.

Today Kevin Schofield was going to meet me there after work so we could do some drywall work, repairing the places where the walls we removed met the walls we left intact. I was planning to buy the drywall as soon as I got off work, but the forecast was calling for thundershowers. I decided it would be better to do it at lunchtime instead and maybe beat the rain. So Jonathan and I ate a quick bite and then bought some drywall, some joint compound, drywall tape, and a roll of R13 insulation.

The R13 was $37! I thought I was grabbing a 32′ roll, but it’s just shy of 8′, and it still cost quadruple what I was paying for the stuff I put in my attic. Yes, quadruple the cost for a quarter the insulation. Unbelievable. I’ll take it back tomorrow – we only wanted it for a sound barrier, but I’m not paying 16x for that. I’ll go to Lowes later and get some cheap R13.

After work we stopped at Taco Bell, and then Jonathan brought me to the church. Va would be there (as would many other members of the school board) later to interview a new teacher’s aide, and I’d catch a ride home with her.

Anyhow, Kevin showed up and we got to work. He tore out a few more studs where the new corners are and we re-built those. I patched some drywall here and there. I had been thinking that Kevin would be a great addition to the Pathfinder Club. He has two boys aged 10 and 14, and he mentioned that they might be interested in joining. So I told him I’d like for him to join too, and he agreed! Hoorays!

While we were working, the promised thunderstorm came. It poured. I noticed I had the Pathfinder trailer open, so I went out in that to close it. I got to stand right in the spot where a valley in the roof dumps its rain on the ground. I got…. wet.

We worked for a couple of hours and then he needed to get on home. Va and the board showed up to conduct the interview. After a while I decided to take a break. While the board talked about the candidate, the candidate was waiting in the fellowship hall, so I thought I’d talk to her a little bit. While we were talking, Paul, one of the school board members, was going in and out, and then he asked me if I had my camera with me – the sky was perfect.

So I dashed out and took about fifty shots. It’s hard to choose from among that many, especially when none of them are fantastic, and they all look pretty much the same. But this one seemed pretty OK:

Sunset After the Storm

Sunset After the Storm

I went back to work after that, and the meeting ended shortly afterwards. Va and I were heading home when Katrina (the teacher) called – she was taking the candidate to the Haggett Farm (my buddy Ken’s place, which is where my banner photo was taken) but the road leading there was closed. The storm dropped a tree across the road, and she didn’t know any other way to get there.

Well, I do know another way to get there, but didn’t think I could explain it to anyone over a cell phone. I kinda needed to see it myself. So we turned around and met them at Target, and led them by the alternate route. I did have the GPS with me too, so that helped.

When we got to Sharon’s (Ken’s sister) house (they both live in their own houses on the farm), we found that the power was out. Maybe it had something to do with the tree in the road. I asked Katrina if she could find her way to her house, and she didn’t think she could. So I plugged her address into the GPS and it led us there. Va and I got home at about 10:30.