Our church school is undertaking a remodelling project, and I volunteered to head it up. Jonathan and I stopped by there today and got started. The real work begins Sunday morning though.

Tonight we shut down the computers and moved them upstairs. We will not have Internet access at the church until we can snake the cable through the ceiling/floor though. Jonathan has agreed to set all that equipment up on Sunday.

The plan is to first move all the furniture out of the way. Then take down part of the ceiling grid and unwire some walls (including the network cables I laid not too long ago).

Once that’s done, we will start dismantling some walls. The class room is to absorb the hallway plus a large closet (which is where the computing equipment was housed until tonight).

If I can manage it, I will work on this project every evening until we leave for Kentucky or until it’s finished. School starts on August 23, so we do have a hard deadline.

I still haven’t figured out where I want the servers to live. We might enclose an area for them in the classroom, or we might put them upstairs somewhere.