Today I finally hid my first puzzle geocache and have submitted it for review. I was expecting it to have been reviewed (and approved) already, but so far nothing.

I’ll post a link to it when (if) it goes live. I thought up the puzzle all by myself, but then I thought that surely someone else must have done this before. Google once again proves that there is nothing new under the sun. Other people have indeed thought of this in the past. Oh well. I wouldn’t have known to look for it except that I independently invented it.

I have two fears for this puzzle. The first is that it will be too easy and not present a challenge to anyone. The second is that it will be too difficult and that no one will solve it. I have no idea where it will actually fall in that spectrum – hopefully in the middle. It’s glaringly obvious to me.

I would like to think that it’s even clever, but every time I think I’m being clever when I write software, I take that as a red flag. As they said in the movie Spinal Tap, “There’s a fine line between clever and stupid.” I never know which side of that line I’m on. So when I find myself thinking I’m being clever, I always back off and have another engineer review my idea. Sometimes it really is clever. Sometimes it really is stupid. Sometimes I can tell just by going through the motion of explaining it.