Today after breakfast Beth and I went to Tilton to buy some stuff so we could hide some geocaches. We picked up five containers, some little notebooks, and some toys to add to them. Then we drove out to the Merrimack River and found a cache, but that was really incidental. We didn’t find the first one we looked for, and I am convinced that it is not there anymore. We had no trouble with the second one.

I have been doing a little hackery on my GPS receiver. I found a tool with which I can create “Point of Interest” files. It will convert the files I can download from into something the Tomtom can understand. The problem with that was that I had to download a file for each cache – then when I had a bunch of them, join them all into one file (which took a little editing). Finally, I would convert them and load them onto the Tomtom. This is a tedious process, so I have somewhat automated it now.

I wrote a script that would process the files as I download them and get them into the format Tomtom likes. Putting the file on the Tomtom is still a separate (but trivially easy) step that I can do any time later. Since writing the script, I have added two or three hundred geocaches to the Tomtom.

The other thing I did was figure out how to make the Tomtom display text files that I copy onto it. I’ve been pasting cache descriptions into text files, but have not automated that. And I might not. It is nice to have descriptions of caches though for those times when I get to ground zero and need some additional hints.

Anyhow, we grabbed a cache today after buying some caching supplies, and then we came home.

After lunch I went to the church for a Pathfinder planning session. We mapped out the 2010-2011 year, and now have a tentative schedule. One of the things that was proposed (and we decided to do) was to work on the Pioneering honor again. The “big” requirement for this is for us to do one of four things:
*Build a raft with logs & lashings and pilot it down a river for five miles.
*Go on a 15-mile overnight horseback ride.
*Go on a 15-mile overnight canoe trip.
*Go on a 15-mile backpacking trip.

We are going to exercise the raft option. That is the one I preferred, but didn’t think the group would go for. To my surprise, that is the one they selected! Yay! We’re going to do the trip with one raft and enough canoes to hold everyone in case things go badly. I have already selected the five mile stretch of river too (on the Merrimack). It should be fun.

After the planning session was over, Va came to Concord and the whole family went to Uno’s for supper. While David and I waited for her to show up, I had David driving the car around the parking lot. He had driven us the first five miles to the church too. He is still trying to get the hang of it, but he’s doing pretty well I would say. He’s not ready for the Interstate yet, but if we can remember to do this a little more often than once per quarter, he’ll get the hang of that too.

After supper Jonathan drove the kids home while Va and I went to a business meeting at the church (which went well).

It’s been a long day!