Jonathan graduates from high school on Friday. For the past couple of years he has been schooled through VLACS (Virtual Learning Academy Charter School), which is an online school. Before that we were using Griggs, which was a correspondence school, but they were pretty awful. Sometimes they (Jonathan and David) would send in work, and would not get grades back for six weeks. So we switched to VLACS.

Because we switched so far into Jonathan’s school career, he had to take an advisory course to meet the VLACS requirements, and that delayed his graduation. Since he only had that one class to take last semester, he started taking college courses at NHTI. So he started college before he finished high school. I am very happy that his college work has gone much smoother than his high school did.

But now… he’s done with high school, so he can begin matriculating his college work. There will be a ceremony on Friday. I’ll take pictures.