Today at work, our founder escorted a person through our work place who is running for the U.S. Senate. Actually, he’s looking to be nominated to run right now. I spoke with him briefly, but it was all chit-chat. That’s the cool thing about New Hampshire – we get to actually meet our politicians.

After work, Jonathan and I ran several errands. He went to sell one of his books back, but it came with a CD that he didn’t have with him, so we get to try that again another day. Then we went to the school to fetch Beth’s handwriting book (she had homework, but had left her book next to her desk). Then we went to briefly visit one of my Pathfinders.

She is barely under the required number of merit points to qualify for the Fun Trip this Sunday, so I had some extra credit for her. I brought her the club’s camping dishes, an engraver, and a set of stencils. Then I showed her how to engrave numbers on the forks & cups. Hopefully, she’ll do a geat job, but it didn’t start out that well – she engraved a 12 on cup number 17. We are engraving them because Sharpies can and do wash off.

Then we came home. I took Penny outside just in case I needed her to bring me some sticks. Then after dinner, Va and I drove back to Concord to attend a church business meeting (which went well).

A plan to do a little remodelling was approved. We’re going to knock some walls down to make the hallway become part of the school room. That will make it bigger. I will also need to relocate the computer equipment. So I expect this project will absorb some of my time over the summer.

After all that, I’m pretty wiped out.