I don’t know how this came up yesterday, but it most surely did. Beth wanted her hair curled. Maybe it was because we had some hair curlers (unused) for sale at the yardsale last weekend. Anyhow, she somehow talked Va into buying a set of curlers (not at the yardsale). I suspect it wasn’t that hard, what with Va being a female herself.

So last night the two girls in the family did some hair. Here’s how Beth looked at bedtime:

Beth in Curlers

Beth in Curlers

As you can see, she was absolutely thrilled. I wish I had taken a photo of her this morning after the curlers came out, but being a Bad Dad, I neglected to do this. So all I have to publish for the whole world to see, is the before picture.

The upside to this is that it gets me out of brushing her hair.

Anyhow, she went to school this morning all dolled up and excited, and with a sack of groceries from the Northeastern U.S. I went in with her to make sure Ben & Jerry made it into the freezer, and the rest of the stuff went into the fridge. The Hershey Kisses didn’t need to go in the fridge, but I figured it would be better to keep it all together as much as possible. Certainly refrigeration doesn’t hurt Kisses.

Her schoolmates loved everything except the cranberry juice. That’s an acquired tasted I guess (David says that calling something an acquired taste is code for not very good. He may be right!

There was just s smidgen of Ben & Jerry left, so I ate it tonight. I love their nutrition label. Yesterday I had written that it was a half-pint of ice cream, but I was mistaken – it was a full pint. It’s still not very much, and I’m pretty sure I could gobble down the entire pint without a second thought. But if you read the nutrition label… man.

Number of servings: 4

That’s right! A half-cup each! That’s like two spoons full. I think I can fit a half cup of ice cream in my mouth. So why is the serving size so pathetically small? That’s easy!

Total saturated fat: 70%

If the serving size were the full pint (like it ought to be), that would read

Total saturated fat: 280%

I don’t think they wanted to do that! Still, Ben & Jerry make some mighty good-tasting ice cream, so I don’t mind maxing out the saturated fat every now and then.