Today Jonathan got his first paycheck. He was pretty stoked. We went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch (that’s becoming a Thursday tradition), and we stopped at the bank on the way so he could deposit his earnings.

Making a Deposit

Making a Deposit

I got my camera out to take a picture of him filling out a deposit slip, but… no memory card. David had made a video last night, removed the card, and stuck it in his netbook. This morning I grabbed my camera off the table (where he left it) and didn’t even think about the memory card. Booo, no photo of this momentous occasion. 😦 Then I remembered that my phone has a pretty crappy camera, and took this shot. Yay! 😀

On the way back to the office we got caught in the rain. I was afraid we would get soaked, but it was only a light rain (more than a sprinkle though). A few minutes after we got back to the office, the sky really let loose and it poured. I was glad we were under a roof (even if it is a leaky roof).

I wandered into the kitchen in the afternoon and saw that there was a Payday candy bar in the snack basket. I was going to eat it myself, but decided to give it to Jonathan instead, to commemorate his “special day.”

He got a good chuckle out of that. He said it was the first time he had ever eaten a Payday, so that made it even better – his first Payday on his first payday.