A while back David had expressed a desire to get a guitar. I told him that if he would agree to take lessons, I would buy one post haste. He finally did agree to take lessons, and today post haste happened.

Va dropped him off at my office, and when I was done working, we walked down to a music store on Main Street. The first guitar the salesman showed us was more than double my budget. So I asked if he had anything a little on the “lower end” side of the scale, and of course he did. He whipped out an acoustic six-string Fender.

David liked it, it was within my budget, and it came with all kinds of goodies for a beginner: strap, carry bag, extra set of strings, a cheapo tuner, and an instructional DVD. Then we carried it back to the office, collected Jonathan, and headed home.

I think he’s pretty pleased with it. We also picked up a promotional brochure for lessons, but I want to ask a friend of mine who teaches trumpet at the Concord Music Conservatory (if that’s the name – it’s been a while) if he can recommend a good teacher.

Or maybe we’ll just go with whomever the store recommends, I dunno.

After we ate dinner, Jonathan set out on his first solo drive. He’s taking a class in statistics for the summer term, and those classes meet in the evening. That was part of the impetus to get his license. I didn’t want to have to make extra trips to Concord or otherwise occupy myself in town while he was in class. So off he goes.

I figured that after his solo trip to Belgium, maybe I wouldn’t worry about a solo trip to Concord, but I was wrong. I do find myself worrying. After all, he didn’t drive himself to Belgium. Still, he’s a good kid, and I’m sure he won’t do anything foolish. That’s what I keep telling myself anyhow.