Bambi Eyes

Bambi Eyes

This little critter landed on my jeans tonight by the frog pond. I was trying to get its picture when it leapt off my knee and into the mud. It posed well enough after that and I got several nice shots. This is prolly not what most people picture when they think about “Bambi eyes.”

In other news…
Jonathan started work today. He is now employed as an intern at the company I work for. They put him to work right away, and he seemed to hit the ground running. Yay!

In more other news…
In an attempt to be more like Roald Amundsen rather than Robert Scott, I have spent the evening planning the campout we have coming up this weekend. There’s a lot of logistics to work through to make this successful.

One weakness I have noticed in myself is that I sometimes abandon plans when it comes time to execute. In the heat of the moment, I might think “Is this really necessary? It’s certainly easier to not do this.” Nine times out of ten, this is an error, as I sometimes forget the “why” or the cascade of problems that the easy-way-out sometimes causes. So I am resolved to stick with the plan that I am trying to carefully prepare now.

The other thing I’ve found that helps tremendously is to have a written copy of the plan, and have it WITH me, and easily accessible. Trying to do it by memory is a sure path to failure, at least for me. It also doesn’t hurt to share the plans with the other adults. Sometimes they find problems, and if they see it before we’re committed, we have time to adjust.