For a school project, Beth had to write a paper and demonstrate how to do something (if I’m understanding the assignment correctly). Her teacher suggested that she might want to demonstrate how to walk her dog, if that was OK with me.

Well… no.

Penny doesn’t respect Beth enough to let her a) attach a leash, or b) lead her around on it. We haven’t taught her to heel either (it’s on my todo list). Further, Beth isn’t strong enough to restrain Penny. I’m pretty sure Penny could drag her around the yard without much effort.

So we tried to think of something else she could write about. I proposed the idea of “how to find a geocache” and Beth thought it was a good one. But for her to demonstrate, we would need to plant a cache on the church property. We did that yesterday morning when I dropped her off at school.

I started to make up the cache description page, but I will not activate it until it gets cleared by the Church Board – and they may very well decline. But it doesn’t have to be published for her to use it for school. We’ll just print out the info ahead of time.

I’ve also been thinking of some ambitious caches I’d like to hide. My idea was to take a small log about five feet long and four-six inches in diameter. Then cut off the top foot of that and hollow it out. The cache would go in the hollow section, but that space would be shared by a peg which would be embedded in the lower part from which it was cut. Then I’d drive the lower part into the ground, fit the top back on, and hope it looked like a broken-off tree.

So tonight I started looking around the property for a log that met my requirements. I found a standing dead oak right by the frog pond which is right by the road. It was 30 feet tall, but it was four inches in diameter. I cut it off about five feet from the ground, then cut off the top foot. Next I will hollow it out and make the peg.

I had already been thinking about planting a cache at the frog pond, and when I saw that tree, it was clinched.

Next step was to find my hole saw. I’ve looked everywhere for it, but no can find. 😦 I might have to borrow one from somebody. I thought about using my brace and bit to bore a hole, but my biggest bit is a 20 (that is, 20 sixteenths of an inch, or one and a quarter inches). I could use a hole that size, but it really limits the size of the cache. Plus this is seasoned oak, and I do not relish the thought of boring into the end grain. I’d like to get it about eight inches deep so there’s plenty of room in there for both the cache and the supporting peg. It will be hard enough as it is with the hole saw.

We shall see.

Jonathan is still alive and having a good time in Brussels. They went to a fancy French restaurant at Waterloo tonight. I’m sure the food was to die for too. The French take food very seriously, and it really shows in their cooking. They don’t mess around. I hadn’t ever connected Waterloo with Belgium, though I did know it was in the general neighborhood. I guess he’s not the only one getting a history lesson tonight.