I got a Skype from Jonathan today. He had gotten off at the wrong stop on the bus from the airport to the hotel. I told him to figure out where he was (find an intersection) and plug that in to Google Maps, which he did. The hotel was a 90 minute walk from where he was. With luggage.

I told him to wait for the next bus. He disconnected, and then I thought of a better plan. Take a taxi. But it was too late. He was incommunicado at that point. So I waited. And waited. For two hours. Meanwhile I’m thinking he could have easily caught a bus that took him even farther from his hotel. Mannn – a taxi would have been sooo much better!

He Skyped me again from the hotel. He had gone to the bus station and hailed a cab. Good for him. He finally got to the hotel at about 8:00pm Brussels time (after landing at 2:35pm). Four and a half hours from the airport to the hotel isn’t bad at all when you consider he had to claim his bags, clear customs and catch a bus.

I can well imagine that I would have caught the wrong bus myself. My company’s CFO once told me I was the worst traveller in the company, and as much as I hate to admit it… maybe he was right.

I countered that I was the one (back then) who did the most travelling sans budget authority, so that when I found myself in a jam, I had to get approval to spend my way out of it. Other company travellers were at the executive level and didn’t need any approval for that.

But more likely is that he was right – I suck at travel. And it looks like Jonathan has his dad’s travelling genes. Sorry Jonathan!

He said he had only gotten two hours of sleep and that the transatlantic flight was terrible. He also hadn’t eaten anything. So off he went again to get some food, and then to bed with him. He should be fresh and ready for the conference in the morning.