I took Jonathan to the airport tonight so he could fly to Brussels. He was very excited. The airlines say to check in two hours before departure for international flights, and I think we got him there three hours early instead. I stayed in the car while he unloaded his suitcase from the trunk. I took a crappy photo, he turned and went into the terminal, and I drove off. I’d post the photo (crappy as it is), but it’s still in the camera.

As I write, his flight is scheduled to leave in just under an hour. I hope he has fun (but not too much fun!) His plane is supposed to fly over Greenland to avoid the volcanic ash.

Earlier in the day, Beth and I planted our first geocache. We hid it near the wetland I found yesterday. I still need to make some tweaks to it, but it is live now. I’m going to add a waypoint to show where people can park.

Backing up some more, Beth and I went and found a geocache this morning. This was a ruse to get us out of the house so Beth could get Va something for Mother’s Day. We found the cache, and she got Va a present. High fives all around!

I talked to my Mom on the phone on the way to the airport. She’s still in the hospital, but they’re thinking she’ll go home tomorrow. She was in good spirits.