Today I found myself incredibly hungry at only 10:30 am. I was able to hold off until 11:40, and that’s when I grabbed the half-sub I had left in the fridge yesterday. I wolfed it down and I was still hungry. Then I started thinking about the black raspberry ice cream I had a Friendly’s on Sunday. There’s a Friendly’s about three quarters of a mile from my office, and it was a beautiful day, so maybe you can guess what happened.

I grabbed my camera and hat, and off I went. Along the way, I saw some sandspurry (Spergularia spp). I stopped and took several shots, but this is the only one I kept:

Sandspurry (Spergularia spp)

Sandspurry (Spergularia spp)

These flowers were maybe 3/16 of an inch across, so they’re not exactly big. They are also very easy to not see unless you’re looking for them (and I was). If you look closely, you can see some pollen on the right-most petal. Cool. I might upload this shot to the Commons later, but only if I don’t think they don’t have one that is better.

I secured my ice cream and headed back to the office.

On the way home I noticed that the King Devil (Hieracium pratense) and Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) were both in bloom. I was stopped at a light in Concord, so I whipped out the camera to take a photo (just to remind myself to log them), but as I did, the light turned green. I took the picture anyhow as I pulled away. Couldn’t see anything but a blurry bank of grass, but I knew that meant King Devil and Red Clover, so it did serve its purpose. I logged them a short while ago.

We were expecting a house guest tonight, so there was a bit of house cleaning involved. For the record, I don’t clean the house for the guests, I clean the house for Va. The guests don’t care if the house is messy. Va does though.

Our guest is a guy who used to be in our Pathfinder Club. He wanted to be able to make it to church tomorrow, but his parents would not be able to get him there for some reason or another. I don’t recall the details. He asked if he could spend the night with us, and we enthusiastically agreed. His mom will pick him up after church tomorrow.

I was expecting him to show up at around 6:00pm, but instead he (and his mom) were here at 4:45. I got home at 4:30, and immediately began some furious house cleaning. In 15 minutes, Penny started barking her head off as if someone had pulled into the driveway. As usual, she was right. Adam had arrived.

That was a mixed blessing. The good part was that it put a premature end to the cleaning frenzy. The bad part is that the house was not as clean as Va wanted it. Oh well.

Jonathan and I went to Tilton and got some pizza and a new pair of headphone for his trip. We ate the pizza for supper. He packed the headphones.

Then I went into the woods and took more flower pictures. I finally got a few of the gaywings that I really like (I gave them three stars out of five):

Gaywings (Polygala paucifolia)

Gaywings (Polygala paucifolia)

Again, I may upload to the Commons. The wind was finally calm enough today and the sky was just about perfect for diffused-but-not-too-dim light. Finally, I can zoom in on the propeller structure and see some decent detail. Yessss.

Beth stayed home from school today. Actually, she came home early yesterday. Va took her temp then and it was 103. Ibuprofin brought it back down, and she seems to feel a lot better. Hopefully she’ll feel good enogh to go to church in the morning.

Mom’s still in the hospital, and they plan to keep her there over the weekend to continue the antibiotics. They want to knock down the pneumonia before sending her home. This will be at least the second Mother’s Day in the hospital for her (the first was when my oldest sister was born). Other than the pneumonia thing, she seems to be feeling pretty good, and will be glad to get home where she can get some rest.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.