So about five years ago I started building a log cabin for Beth. I worked on it off and on, but pretty much abandoned the project last summer, doing not one thing on it in all of 2009.

But Beth asked me to work on it again, so I did. It had started out as a rectangle, but it’s just too small. She wanted it to be bigger. So I tore it down and started over. I still want to use the too-small timbers, so I decided to build it in an L-shape. Maybe it’s more like a square with one corner chopped out. I plan to put a square roof over it, so the missing corner will be sort of a covered porch.

I’ve got the foundation layer down now, and it has just about wiped me out. I don’t have a chainsaw and could hardly justify buying one for this project. I’m using an axe and a bow saw. If nothing else, it does give me exercise.

I did stop on the way to work today and took a couple of pictures of the hobblebush blooms, but I don’t think they’re worthy of posting. The light was too low, and I didn’t have my big tripod with me. Also, I’m not sure my big tripod would have been tall enough anyhow. I might try again. I saw another patch of hobblebush about a hundred feet from this one, and this patch had more specimens from which to choose. Maybe one of them will have blooms low enough for the tripod to reach.

When I got home I tramped through my woods and took a couple dozen photos of the gold thread (Coptis groenlandica). I haven’t looked at them yet, but I suspect I might have some decent shots there.