It seems like every time I feel I have a right to get fully worked up about someone doing me wrong, I find that I turn around and do just exactly the same thing to someone else. That happened today.

I was all excited (not in a good way) about the fruit delivery I wrote about yesterday and felt I had every right to be upset with the way I had been treated. Then this morning, Va reminded me that I was supposed to meet one of my far-flung customers in Tilton. I looked at my watch. It was 10:16. I was supposed to meet him at 10:00. But that’s not the worst of it. I had forgotten to bring his order home with me last night, so it was still in Concord, 30 minutes in the opposite direction.

This customer doesn’t have a cell phone, so the only way I could reach him was to drive over there and meet him with the bad news. I jumped into my clothes, hopped into my car and went over there. He was almost ready to leave when I arrived. I explained what had happened and offered to deliver his fruit to his house on Tuesday. I’m not sure he’s going to let me (he’s a really nice guy). He insists on meeting me half-way. We’ll connect Tuesday and figure it out though.

We had our last Pathfinder meeting of the year tonight. We still have two campouts, a yardsale, and a flag retirement ceremony, so it’s not exactly over yet, but there are no more meetings anyhow. It went well tonight, and I always like it when that happens.

Fruit pick-up coincided with the meeting, so we were schlepping fruit the whole time. We arrived an hour early so I could put names on each box. To my horror, I discovered that I had not ordered enough navels. I opened my spreadsheet and found the error. My totals did not include the half-cases, and six people had ordered those. Luckily, I had ordered three extra full cases plus an extra half-case, so that was covered – or it would have been except that my far-flung customer ordered late, and I was planning to make his order up from the extras. So I’m a half case short. There’s no way this guy’s not getting his full case though. I will have to ask someone else to forego their order. I will offer something else in its place though, or a refund. I don’t think it will be a huge problem, but I hate that I made yet another mistake on this.