Today Jonathan and I borrowed Ken’s truck and drove it to Freeport, ME to pick up our citrus order (36 cases). That’s a three hour drive, and we got there at about 6:30. I was expecting the semi at about 7:00, and I was expecting we would wait until after Sabbath ended to unload it (7:30), so we had an hour to kill while we waited. Luckily, the church there has an open wifi connection which we both used.

At 7:30 there was no truck there. I looked through my email to make sure we were at the right place. We were. I checked the time to make sure we were there at the right time. Again, we were. So I called the driver, and he told me that he had dropped it off yesterday afternoon! I found out later that the driver had called Friday at 4:00 announcing that he would be there at 5:00, so the people at Pine Tree Academy (where the delivery was made) had to scramble to find volunteers to unload the truck.

I went into the school there to see if there was anyone who could help us. I ran into Rick Koontz, our conference evangelist, but I didn’t recognize him. I guess there were 50 people there at some sort of seminar (as it turns out it was a workshop for pastors). I told him what I was up against and he leaped into action. Eventually, he found the mother of the school’s principal, and she unlocked the wood shop which is where the fruit was stored. Then Rick helped me and Jonathan load our 36 cases into Ken’s truck.

Of course it was raining, so we wrapped the crates in a tarp and then cinched some webbing around the base of the stack. That did a pretty excellent job, though the bottom layer did get a little damp.

I had heard a while back that there is an Old Country Buffet in Portland, but I had never found it. While we were waiting for the truck, I found it on the Internet and plugged the address into the Tomtom. Once the truck was loaded, we made a bee line for it.

Tomtom sent us off the highway onto a backroad, and then back onto the same highway again. Thanks Tomtom! After another 20 miles, it told us “You have reached your destination” but we saw no OCB anywhere. We were on the right road though, so we turned around and went looking for it. And we found it, yay!

We got to the front door at 9:01pm. It closed at 9:00. Boooo 😦 So we went to a Chili’s we had seen before we found the OCB.

I don’t normally get to eat a sit-down dinner when we fetch the oranges, because it’s usually about 4 degrees outside. I always need to get that fruit home asap before it freezes. But today the temperature was 36 – perfect refrigerator weather – so we were able to take a leisurely dinner.

We got to the church just before midnight and unloaded the truck. Then we took Ken’s truck back to his house, got my car, and drove home.

Now I be tired.