I’m starting to see more black flies lately. They are a mere nuisance right now and have not risen to the level of being insufferable. I can hardly wait.

Speaking of pests, I can’t find the mosquito dunk I tossed in the catchment pond a week or two ago. I think I need to get another one. That pond is chock-full-o-larvae. The dunks are not much more than a bacteria cake, and that bacteria gets into the guts of the mosquito larvae, killing them before they can emerge as adults. I haven’t seen too many adults lately, so maybe the invisible dunk is still working. But I think I’ll get another just to increase my margins.

The catchment pond has two clutches of frog spawn in it. Dunno how long until they hatch, but I haven’t seen any adult frogs yet this year (at least… not here). I have heard plenty of spring peepers peeping, but again – not at the house. They are aplenty at the church, and there are a couple of places between there and the house where they are chorusing. One of the school kids caught one last week, and I made its portrait. They didn’t know the species, but I sure did.

I worked on David’s netbook again tonight. It has a flakey power connection. I replaced the DC-in jack, but mysteries abound. I get 19V at the input jack (which is what the AC adapter provides). I measure zero ohms from the DC-in jack to the motherboard. I see 15K ohms between power and ground (with no power attached). But when I have it plugged in, I don’t get 19V on the motherboard. I get more like 20mV which is inexplicable to me. Not too happy about that either.

The azeleas are in full bloom now. The grass is fully green. Plenty of dandelions and daffodils too. The trailing arbutus is still in bloom, but I do think it’s on the decline now. The forsythia is awesome, and the sugar maples are in bloom now too (they bloom before they put out leaves, but the flowers are green, so unless you know better or look closely, you’d think those flowers were leaves). That’s pretty much what’s in bloom here, at least in the wild.