Today the Pathfinders worked on sweeping the church parking lot. Several tons of sand were dumped on it over the winter. I bought four new push brooms for the effort to add to the two we already had, plus my own. We started around 2:00pm, but not many people showed up by then. The only staff member I had there besides myself was Jonathan, and that makes supervising a dozen kids and keeping them productively busy something of a challenge.

The amount of sand on the lot is probably triple what it has been in recent years. Not because of more snow (we had less!), but because we had a new person doing the plowing, and he was rather liberal with the sand. I had hoped to get it all swept today, but that didn’t happen. We got the upper lot swept, and didn’t do a thing to the lower one. We’ll try again next week.

After sweeping, we had a meeting. Paul came as planned, and lit a fire in a bucket and let the kids take turns using fire extinguisher to put it out. They all seemed to enjoy that very much (except one kid who refused to try her hand at it). Anyhow, this is shaping up to be a pretty great honor, and I can’t wait until we submit it to the NAD for approval.