Today after church, Beth, David, and I took Penny down to Sandogardy Pond. I found some more coltsfoot and took some pictures, but since I posted one yesterday, I see no need to again today. Also, I haven’t downloaded them to my laptop. It was a little cool today, but that’s still warmer than it has been most of the week. It was also mostly sunny, which is a huge improvement over the past couple of days.

On the way back from the pond, we met another person in the neighborhood out walking a Border Collie. Penny ignored it for the most part. David already knew about this dog, but it was the first time I knew there was another BC in the neighborhood. David thinks it lives right next door to the neighbors across the street from us. It looks like it weighs roughly 50% more than Penny (she’s on the small end of the BC scale).

Tonight I drew up a map of our house as part of the Fire Safety honor we’re piloting. We’re out of printer ink, or I’d print out a couple of copies. I’m going to have Jonathan and David draw in the doors with pencils – I was having a frustrating time with that, and they need to work on this too. Then we need to each come up with fire exit paths.

The map shows all the windows, and where all the fire-relevant things in the house are, such as the dryer, stove, furnace, oil tank, furnace switch, fire extinguisher, etc. Cool.

Tomorrow Paul will come to our Pathfinder meeting and we’ll continue working on the honor. We’re going to light fires and then put them out with a fire extinguisher. I think the kids will like that.