Jonathan’s passport is now in the works. He finally got everything together that they wanted, so off it goes. Along with his old passport and his birth certificate! They send him a new passport and return his birth certificate. At first we thought that meant he would be unable to drive, but I have about convinced myself that he still can. They gave him a photocopy of his old passport, and I’m thinking that he could use that for proof of age if we ever got pulled over.

Va set the gears in motion to renew her passport too now. We’ll work on Beth’s and David’s when Beth goes on Spring Break. I’m thinking we might make a jaunt into Canada this summer. I’d like to go to Upstate New York and visit Almanzo Wilder’s home there while we’re in the neighborhood.

The coltsfoot is up now. I noticed it Tuesday and took several photos. This one came out the best:

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

I wrote about this plant last year and its supposed medicinal properties. It gets the name coltsfoot from the shape of the leaves (which it won’t put out until later). This one was growing near the edge of my woods, and it’s a very small patch (only two stems – about the same as last year). But I know of two other places where it grows in much greater profusion. The first is just down the road from our house. The second is a larger patch near the spring on Intervale Road in Canterbury. The unfortunate thing about both these patches is that they are located on unpaved roads, so every car that passes stirs up dust that gets deposited on the leaves. Not the greatest place to gather edible wild plants.

However, that’s not a huge loss. The last time I tried to make candy from the leaves it didn’t turn out all that swimmingly.