Today after class (but before lunch) Jonathan began pounding the pavement looking for employment. He stopped in at several places between my office and his school. What he found out was that almost no one has paper job applications any more. They all directed him to the web.

Then he researched what was needed for him to renew his passport. He will have to apply in person since his previous one was issued before he was 16. And he will need two photos, 2″x2″, with the distance between the bottom of his chin and the top of his head being between 1 and 1 3/8″. Also, it had to have a white (or off-white) background.

I had him stand in front of my whiteboard and took a picture. Then we loaded it up on the computer and made two of the side-by-side so that when they were printed on 3×5 prints, they would meet all the specs. Then we headed to Target to get them printed.

When we got there, the photo machine couldn’t see the edited photo. That’s because I had saved it as png file and it was looking for jpegs. Oh well. We went ahead and printed two copies of one of the photos, but his head was too big in those. They don’t do 3×5’s – they do 4×6’s. Then we went to Taco Bell, and then back to the office.

After work I converted the png to a jpeg and rescaled it for a 4×6 print. You can get 6 2×2 photos on a 4×6 print, so that’s what we did. We headed back to Target and printed one, but it looked terrible. It was clearly pixelated. We were pretty close to the church, so we went there and set up the laptop, re-edited the photo until we had a pretty high-res version. Then back to target to print it.

It came out looking pretty OK, and it is well within spec. When we got home we cut two of them from the print. Tomorrow it’s off to the Post Office for a Passport. He will have to get his expedited, which is another $60 on top of the $95 (or whatever). Hopefully, when he gets a job he can pay that back!