There is certainly nothing to complain about in the weather department. This past week has been gorgeous: 70 degrees, clear skies, cool breezes. No insects yet to speak of either. There are a few mosquitoes, but not too many, and I haven’t seen any black flies yet either.

I went to the capitol today to hand in a form requesting permission to use the capitol grounds for a U.S. Flag retirement ceremony over Memorial Day weekend. I don’t know what our chances are. They didn’t have anything else scheduled that day, but the clerk was not exactly hopeful for our prospects since there will be a fire involved. We plan to confine the fire to a portable outdoor patio fireplace, but I’m guessing that when bureaucrats read the word “fire” they’re just going to panic. The clerk suggested that I contact the city of Concord too, because they control the sidewalk (and pavilion) in front of the capitol. So I mosied over to the city and they gave me a form to fill out. They charge a $10.80 application fee, levied whether they grant permission or not. I think that kinda sucks! It’s not a lot of money, but still. I’m going to wait to see what the state says first. And then I might check with the veteran’s cemetery.

The best thing that came out of my trip to the gov’t buildings was that I saw a huge cherry tree in bloom. Also some dandelions (first dandelions of the year).