Today the daffodils opened here. Well, as far as I know anyhow. I saw one on the way to lunch today, and then I saw a few more on the way home. I didn’t see any yesterday, and I was most definitely on the lookout for them.

I think the red maple has bloomed too, but it’s hard to say for sure. Nearly all the maples on my property are reds, and none of them ever make blossoms close to the ground. Instead, they are all 20 feet over my head, and that really makes it difficult to see if they have opened or not. But I think they have.

The forsythia bloomed yesterday too.

The First Forsythia

The First Forsythia

Only a few of these have opened so far, but I expect an explosion of yellow soon. I’d really like to get some forsythia to plant along the stone wall at the front (east side) of our property. Planting it would be the easy part. It’s the getting the ground ready that would be hard, as that strip of ground is covered with coppiced hazels, cherry, and maple.

When I got home tonight I went around the property with a half package of mosquito dunks. These are little donuts peppered with a bacteria that infects mosquito larvae. I tossed one into the frog pond, and broke the other two donuts into pieces and tossed them into several of the vernal pools in the woods. I could easily use another dozen of them I think. I’ve found that those things are more effective than the propane-powered mosquito traps.