I was too tired to write last night, so I skipped it. Va, Jonathan, and I drove up to Freeport to hear Beth play at Music Clinic. David stayed home and helped Penny hold down the fort.

It’s a three hour drive to Freeport. I was having a hard time staying awake, so I pulled over and traded seats with Va. We got there around 4:00. Beth wasn’t there yet. They were still back at the hotel, but they’d be there shortly.

Jonathan and I took a walk. There wasn’t too much too see, but I did take a few photos of a flock of Robins. I don’t remember seeing them in flocks like that before, so I’m assuming it has something to do with migration. Then Beth showed up and gave us a tour of the campus. She was excited.

She went on the stage at about 8:00pm or so.
Beth playing "Oh Susanna!"
As soon as she was finished, we packed up our stuff and left, and didn’t get home until 11:30pm or so. Beth slept in the car.

Today we had inspection at our Pathfinder meeting. My friends Paul and Barbara (Paul is the Associate Pathfinder director of our conference, and his wife Barbara is an Area Coordinator) came to perform the inspection and to teach a new honor we’re going to propose. The meeting went about as smoothly as I could have wanted, and I was very pleased about that. Paul led us around the building and performed a fire inspection (the honors we’re piloting are Fire Safety and Fire Fighting, so a fire inspection was one of the requirements). I think that opened a few eyes, especially as we got to the labyrinth of narrow corridors behind the baptistry. I wouldn’t want to have to go back there during a fire!

Our assignment now is to make an exit map of our houses. I will probably work on an exit map for the church. It has to show the locations of all the pull alarms, fire extinguishers, meeting place (outdoors), and of course… the exits.

We didn’t even come close to getting through this one. Paul will return again in two weeks and we’ll work on it some more. But we aren’t going to finish it even then, and our Pathfinder year is starting to wind down. We only have three more meetings left, and then comes May. We have no meetings at all in May because May is always eaten up with other things: Spring Camporee, Mother’s Day (we can’t meet then without getting in trouble), Spring Escape (which is an Adventurer event, but it soaks up a lot of our staff), Club Campout, and then Memorial Day weekend. On Memorial Day weekend we will conduct a flag retirement ceremony and have our annual yard sale. So there’s just no time in May for a regular meeting.

So we will continue working on this honor in the Fall. I don’t like that, because we’ll have a different mix of kids in the fall, but it really can’t be helped.

I stayed late after the meeting getting debriefed on our inspection. I haven’t counted how many things they check, but I’d guess its over a hundred. Of those, we got “good” check marks on all but two, and those are both pretty minor. I’m thinking we will have them addressed by next year, but I thought the same thing last year too! We’ll just have to see.