Beth left for Music Clinic up in Freeport, ME this morning. She went with one of my Pathfinder staff members and her staff member daughter. Va and I will drive up Saturday afternoon to listen to their performance and bring her home.

Just before she got out of the car this morning, Beth asked Jonathan if he would come to the performance too. He said he might, but then we’ll have to leave David at home with Penny. I’m sure he won’t mind.

After supper tonight Jonathan and I went back up to the attic. We hung two more half-sheets of drywall. That was enough for me. I guess if we do a little each night, it will eventually get done.

I’ve been thinking up ideas of how I want to finish the space up there. I plan to build drawers into the knee walls on the north end, and make it more of a conventional space. I’ll prolly do the same thing with the south end, but I’ve been having a hard time driving the idea of Bag End out of my head. It’d be pretty cool to fix it up like a hobbit hole (even though hobbits don’t like second stories or above).

We have a wintery mix in the forecast for tonight. It prolly won’t amount to much though. I did find another species in bloom yesterday – Corylus cornuta, aka Beaked Hazel. It has male and female flowers. The females are tiny little anenome-looking things, and the males are catkins similar to what you’d find on a birch or an alder.
Here’s the female flower:

Female flower, Corylus cornuta

Female flower, Corylus cornuta

I didn’t notice this in bloom until well into April last year, but that’s probably because these flowers are so inconspicuous. This one is less than a quarter inch across.