Tonight after work I tried to visit a local nursery, but they weren’t open yet for the season. David needs to dissect a flower for his biology class, and I figured I could either blow some money on a bouquet, which would be thrown in the trash in a week or so, or I could buy a crocus or two. Since they are the first flowers to come up in these parts, I’d kinda like to have some.

Finding the nursery closed, we proceeded to the Agway in Tilton. They don’t sell crocuses in the spring, as they are best planted in the fall. But they did have some hyacinths and some geraniums. Both were in bloom, so I bought one of each. I’m not sure the hyacinths are open enough for David’s purposes, and the geranium blossoms are a tad on the smallish side. I imagine he’ll need to examine stamens, anthers, etc, and they look pretty tiny on this particular specimen. Didn’t notice that in the store. I may have to buy him a bouquet after all.

Va took Beth to a book store this evening after supper, and I figured it might be a good time to fetch a sheet of drywall out of the garage while her car was out of the way. I want to hang it in the attic so the insulation isn’t always falling down on the stuff we have up there.

To get it into the attic, I needed to make it turn a 180° corner and go through the attic door. I have concluded that this is an impossible feat with an 8’x4′ sheet of drywall. So I quickly converted it into a pair of 4’x4′ sheets of drywall. More joints to finish.

Jonathan came up and helped me hang the first two half sheets. That was all we could do before the battery on my cordless drill gave up. Luckily, I have three other “cordless” drills, which is what I like to call my brace and bit collection. Those things work remarkably well, but they do get their power from the user, and that pretty much wiped me out for the night. I’m exhausted.

It really bugs me how a little job like that can so completely wipe me out these days. When I was a teen (and when I was a tween), I used to do that kind of work with my Dad all the time. Yeah, I got tired, but I could do it for eight hours at a stretch with a break for lunch in between. These days it seems like I’m only good for about an hour of physical labor. I guess that’s what a career as a chair jockey gets me. Time to get in shape I guess!