Today after breakfast Beth and I took Penny down to Sandogardy Pond. It was a nice walk. It wasn’t quite as warm today as it has been through most of the week, but it was still fairly pleasant. The ice on the pond is beginning to break up now. I could see that it was drifting relative to the pond’s bed, but it must have been a pretty huge chunk that was drifting. I guess it must have been going about four inches per minute – fast enough to tell it’s moving if you look at it long enough.

When we got back, Jonathan and I went up to the attic and resumed the insulation project. I’d say that a bit more than a third of the roof is insulated now. We’ll prolly take another crack at it again sometime soon. It would make sense if we were to organize the basement first and then move a bunch of stuff to there from the attic. That way we wouldn’t be moving it every time we turned around.

We had a late lunch (which followed a late breakfast). And then a little while after that I took the kids to the church for a Seder. Va had intended to go, but she was not feeling very good and opted to stay home instead.

We rent our church building to another church that meets there on Sundays (Adventists meet on Saturdays), and we and our renter church were having a joint celebration of Passover. The other church had made most of the arrangements, and a couple from Jews for Jesus were there to lead the service. It was really quite fascinating. I had been to a Seder I guess 15 years ago as well, so even though this was not my first one, I still found it pretty interesting. During part of the service, they break the matza in half and hide it. Near the end of the service, the children all try to find it, and Beth was the lucky one! She found it pretty quickly, but I know she wasn’t peeking, because she looked some other place first. She was pretty stoked.

We didn’t get out of there until 8:00pm, and then it was well past Beth’s bedtime. So she’s trying to get to sleep now, and I find that I’m having a hard time staying awake myself!