Today at lunchtime I walked from the office to Market Basket to get some food. Our parking lot abuts a Mexican restaurant (Hermanos Cucina Mexicali, which I like to call “The Hermanos Brother’s Mexican Kitchen Cucina, because… I like to mangle Spanish by pretending I don’t know that “hermanos” means “brothers” and “cucina” means kitchen).

Anyhow, Hermanos has a little flower bed at the back of their building. I guess I can’t really say that our parking lot abuts their building, because there’s that little strip of garden between them. Last year some Hyacinths came up there, and I noticed today that they had come up again.

Hyacinthus orientalis

Hyacinthus orientalis

They are nowhere near ready to bloom yet, but I think these are the first sprouts I’ve seen this spring (not counting evergreens such as trailing arbutus or wintergreen). Cool. Last year the first blooms I saw were around the other side of Hermanos – crocuses. I’ve been looking for signs of them for a couple of weeks now, but last year they didn’t bloom until March 25. They might come earlier this year, because we’ve had a lot less snow, and what we did have is mostly gone now. I still have some very large patches in my yard, and it’s maybe three inches deep in places. But most of the yard is bare now.

So, maybe spring is near. I might take up the bloom clock habit again. I kinda gave it up late in the summer last year because I was the only one logging anything, and that’s kinda boring. However, it does give me a reason to get out during lunch and take a bit of a walk. The exercise is good for me, and it reinforces my memory of flowering plant taxonomy. Also, I expect that if I keep doing this, I will keep finding new plants that I didn’t know before. So will I log them? Maybe!