Tonight I went to Lowes and bought a piece of half-inch quarter round. They have two types there: trash, and pretty OK. I went with the pretty OK stuff, and selected one that had been pre-finished with white.

After I paid for it, I headed for the car, and there was an older gentleman loading some 4×8 panels of siding on the top of his car. He was struggling with each sheet, as when he’d lay one down on top of the pile on his roof, the ones on the roof would scoot as he tried to line them up. So I offered to help him, and he gladly accepted. I guess it took less than a minute, and I was glad to do it. As I grabbed my piece of quarter round, I noticed he had a cap in his back windshield, and it said something to the effect of “Vietnam Veteran.” Then I knew that he didn’t owe me a thing. Maybe I should have said something to him, but I didn’t. I just went to my car, fitted the quarter-round into the cabin, and drove home.

When I got home I cut it to length and nailed it to the floor in front of our front door. A couple of years ago, before I put gutters up on the roof, the water would drain down a valley in the roof and pour straight onto our front porch. Then it would splash up and make its way under the door. The door facings soaked it up like a sponge and they became somewhat discolored from that. I guess all that water was no good for the linoleum adhesive either. There’s a seam in the linoleum right in the middle of the door threshold, and it gave way. Then the linoleum curled up and away from the threshold.

My dream is that the quarter-round will hold it in place. I’m pretty sure the gutters solved the water problem, so I’m not worried about that. I think this because the door facing has not gotten discolored again after I scrubbed it down (and that was right after I put up the gutters). But I will keep an eye on it.