Today we did a little house cleaning. We sent the dog outside to keep her out of the way while Va mopped, and the boys and I took turns occupying her while the floor dried. Otherwise she would stand at the sliding glass door and bark “let me in!” endlessly. I took the last shift, and by then, Penny was filthy. There was no way she was coming into the house like that. So I threw yet another stick to distract the dog, stuck my head in the door, and told Beth to run some bath water for Penny. She did. Then I picked her up and plunked her in.

Penny never enjoys baths, but for some reason she revels in ice cold, mud-laden vernal pools in the woods. Shrug. Then I wrapped her in a towel and hauled her out to the deck. Jonathan helped me keep her corralled there so she couldn’t get in the yard and muddy herself up again. I just wanted her to shake the water from her fur outside. She did several times, and then we let her back in the house. Clean house. Clean dog. For about an hour.

Penny went outside again, and pretty much undid her bath. Oh well. We can’t keep her cooped up in the house. A dog with that much energy needs to run.

Spring is the worst season in New Hampshire. They don’t even call it “spring” here very much – it’s “mud season” and it is accurately named. I’m hoping it won’t be so bad this year, because we didn’t get all that much snow. So the snow pack shouldn’t really be enough to make it sloppy for too very long. But it sure is sloppy now. The roads are the worst though. Last year we had a wallow in front of our house that was just almost impassable. This year, it’s not so bad in that spot, but it’s starting to get dicey a little further down. Maybe they’ll pave it one of these days, but in the current economy, I can well imagine that that’s not going to happen for a while.