Yesterday I wrote about going to Sam’s Club to buy supplies to make sack lunches for 80 people. I was very pleased that I had remembered everything, including paper sacks and sandwich baggies. Except that I didn’t remember everything.

No peanut butter. No jelly. That was supposed to be the entre, and it’s kinda hard to call two pieces of bread a PB&J sandwich without PB or J. I was about ready to give up and tell the kids we’d just work on it tomorrow at our meeting, but then I remembered that I had called and left a message at Friendly Kitchen, telling them to expect 80 lunches at around 2:00pm. So we had to do something.

I mentioned my problem to Ken, and the solution was obvious to him – we have peanut butter and maybe jelly in the community services closet. Wow. Why didn’t I think of that? I went back there and found we had about two cases of peanut butter, but no jelly whatsoever. So I snagged six jars and we were back in business.

You can make peanut butter sandwiches with just bread and peanut butter. It was either that or make some wish sandwiches. That’s where you have two slices of bread and you wish you had some meat. (That gag came courtesy of Elwood Blues).

The kids made the sandwiches, and we also put a package of crackers (cheese, oreos, or… peanut butter) an apple (or a banana), and a juice bag (on of those foil ones with a straw) in each sack. We boxed them up and loaded them into my car. Then the kids (and remaining staff) worked on cleaning up the room, and I drove the food over to Friendly Kitchen, where it was received with much gratitude.

I love bringing them food over there. The people who run that place are always so happy to see us when we do this, and in my opinion, their work is unsurpassed. They work where the rubber hits the road, and where it might not be safe to bring a group of kids. My hat is off to them.