The satellite dish technician came again today. The lift was there when I dropped Beth off at school, and as we had arranged, I came back at 9:30 to meet him. First he had Katrina move her car so he could move the lift into position. Then I couldn’t think of a reason I needed to be there at all (he wouldn’t let me drive the lift), so I went back to the office.

The tech called again around noon. He was able to connect his laptop to the Internet through our dish, but our network didn’t connect. That didn’t come as a surprise to me, as I figured I’d need to reboot our firewall first. So I drove out there and did that deed (I needed to be there, because a proper reboot calls for the root password, and I don’t hand that out to technicians I barely know). Anyhow, that did the trick and we were back online gain after a week.

The tech thought that our receiver would need to be replaced, so he just replaced it. I didn’t see how a wind storm could wreck a receiver unless it had blown it off its mount (which it hadn’t), but I don’t fix dishes for a living so I deferred to his expertise.

Anyhow, after he replaced the electronics, he still couldn’t get a signal. So he did what I thought he shoulda done in the first place – he re-aimed it so that it was “pointing at the bird.” And that did the trick. Wind doesn’t blow electronics up. It blows them down! Or out of alignment.

I got back to the office again before lunch was over. When I got off work I went to Sam’s Club to buy lunch-makin’s for 80. Tomorrow the Pathfinders will assemble them, and I will deliver them to the Friendly Kitchen (they feed the homeless in Concord). I had forgotten to call them earlier in the week to give them a heads-up, so I called them as I was driving to Sam’s. No one answered, so I left a message. Hopefully that will be enough notice for them. I always forget something when I do this, whether it’s calling them, or buying baggies for the sandwiches (which I did remember this time).