Today after Beth got out of school (and after her piano lessons), Va dropped her off at my office. She loves that, partly because I always let her choose a snack from the snack basket in the kitchen. Once she had her snack, I packed up my laptop, shutdown all the other computers in my office, gathered Jonathan from the spare office, and we headed home. Once there, we chucked several bags of recycling into the car and headed over to the recycling center.

Last week when we went there, they wouldn’t let us in. We got there a little earlier today, and I stopped at the entrance and read their sign carefully. In great big letters, they declare that the hours are from 8:00am until 5:00pm. In little tiny letters off the the side, they say “plan to arrive 15 minutes before closing.” Grrr.

We went in and did the deed. Beth was very happy to be along. I wouldn’t normally bother to bring her with me (it’s logistically difficult), but she really wanted to go, and I have a tendency to spoil her sometimes. Plus it seemed like a good civic lesson for her.

After we finished, we exited the facility and parked at their entrance. The Winnipesaukee Trail runs right in front of the the recycling center, and there is a geocache about a quarter mile down the trail. We had looked for it back in October or November without any luck, but I managed to find it myself afterwards. I think after I had done some recycling. As we ambled down the trail I fetched the GPS out of my camera bag, but the battery was quite dead. However, I was pretty sure I could find the cache again, and I did! I told Beth we were close to it and she managed to find it.

Beth snags a geocache

Beth snags a geocache

I also had a little plastic dinosaur in my camera bag, so we left that in the cache, and Beth took a little plastic puppy. She was pleased.