Tonight I did something I haven’t done in who knows how long. I watched some TV. PBS was running a couple of programs from the Beeb – a series called “Blood and Guts” about the history of surgery. Gruesome, but fascinating!

Penny still doesn’t like it when we manipulate the TV with the remote, and she spent the whole two hours in there with me on full alert, watching for me to make a move towards the remote. I don’t know how she can concentrate like that, but it sure drives me crazy. At least with PBS I’m not continually interrupted by commercials, thus needing to hit the mute button. When Penny sees someone use the remote she goes into a frenzy. She holds one of her toys in her mouth and shakes it violently as to break its neck. And of course before she gets to that stage, she is ever vigilant. And drooling. So by the time we touch the remote and she goes into her spasm, she has a huge thread of slobber hanging from her lip which she then shakes all over the house, but mostly.. onto her flanks. Eww. You don’t wanna pet that!

Penny being vigilant

Don't touch that dial!