We had a tiny bit of wind here last night. Indeed, the winds here were near hurricane force, gusting at up to 60MPH. It sounded pretty dramatic outside from about 10:00pm until after midnight. It also rained an awful lot, and we got zero of the promised snow. 😦

As Jonathan and I drove to Concord this morning, there were branches down on all the roads. The road I live on was literally carpeted with them, some as big as two inches in diameter. Then we got to a bigger road and found this:

Tree lying on power lines and in the road.

Down to one lane

I’m glad someone had gotten there before we did, as I’m sure the road had been completely blocked before they sawed the top out of that tree. About three miles down the road we saw another tree on the power lines. Some of these lines were snapped and flapping around in the breeze, but the tree was not in the road. We got Jonathan to the campus without incident.

When I got to the office, I found that the building next door to us had undergone something of a roof collapse. We could see the roof from one of our conference room windows, but it was hard to tell that it was collapsed. Unless you already knew, you wouldn’t have noticed. They had Hills Ave blocked off, and that pretty much prevented anyone from parking in either of our outside lots. Wayne called the police to find out when he’d be able to park, and to ask what had happened. That’s how we knew about the roof. The fire department had condemned the building:

Sign reading "Building condemned. No entry by order of  Fire Dept"

This means you

If that weren’t evidence enough of a problem, how about this?
Cracked crown molding along the edge of a building's roof


With the integrity of the roof compromised like that, they were afraid the walls might come down as well, and that’s why they blocked off Hills Ave, as well as the building’s own parking lot. Ouch.

That was not the only damaged building in Concord either. There was a huge pile of roof debris next to Citizen’s Bank, but for the life of me, I could not tell where it had come from. The Fire Department has taped that off too:

Roof debris behind a fire line

In front of Citizen's Bank

Jonathan and I had gone to an ATM at my bank (which is not Citizen’s) and passed this on the way there. A lady on the street claimed that it had come from the roof across the street, but I couldn’t see any damage on that building either (not that I’m saying she’s wrong).

About the time we left the bank, Va called. They had closed the road Jonathan and I had driven on earlier in the morning, and she was detouring around it. We made some hasty plans to eat together, or rather… we were in the process of making such plans when her phone died. She said something like “Meet me in ten min….” and then her phone died. I figured she’d come to my office, but I wasn’t positive that that was what she meant. So we headed back to the office. I grabbed my solar phone charger so she’d be able to get her phone going again, and we went down to Storrs Ave to wait for her. We didn’t have to wait long. And of course, since Hills Ave was blocked, she couldn’t turn into our lot. Instead, she turned into the Market Basket lot across the street. I proposed that we should eat at Sal’s. They don’t take anything other than cash, and that’s why I had gone to an ATM – because I wanted one of their calzones. Va thought it was a splendid idea, and since they are located in the same plaza as Market Basket, she was already parked appropriately. So in we went and had some calzones. I had a spinach-mushroom-feta, and those are fantastic.

After lunch, Jonathan and I returned to my office, and Va and Beth went shopping. When we came home, the road was open again, but that tree in the first photo above was still there. The radio said that 300,000 customers were without power in New Hampshire, and half a million in the Northeast in general. Luckily, we have power at our house and at my office. We had lost it at the church for a bit, and someone called me to tell me that the Internet there was down. I’ll look into that tomorrow evening.

In other news, our building was not sold in an auction today. The owner has filed for chapter 11, so that pretty much freezes his assets. It also pretty much guarantees that I’ll have a cardboard window in my office for at least another year. Sigh.