There’s a Geocache near my office that has stymied me for a while. Eventually, I realized that maybe it wasn’t there any more, because no one else was finding it either. This was later confirmed by the cache owner, and he replaced it.

Though this should not be confused with the cache nearest my house that I wrote about earlier this month. This one is in downtown Concord.

The owner had to move the cache to a slightly different location because it had been stolen from the place he had been keeping twice. Anyhow, this happened sometime late last week, or maybe it was this week, I don’t remember. I went looking for it yesterday during lunch, but couldn’t find it. Then today I found myself nodding off at my desk and figured some fresh air might increase my productivity. Jonathan was hanging out at the office too, so I asked him if he wanted to join me for a breath of fresh air. He did.

We went to the site and looked around. We did not find the cache, but we did find this magnet:
magnet formerly attached to a geocache. It’s a common practice to attach a cache to a piece of iron (such as a park bench) with a magnet, and this was right next to… a park bench. I thought the cache would be on the bench somewhere, and as soon as I saw the magnet, I figured we had found what was left of it. I took this picture and emailed it to the owner, asking if maybe this was part of the cache. He said that if there was no cache on the bench, then that was indeed its remnant. I assured him that I had conducted a most thorough search of the bench and found nothing – other than this magnet.

Looks like it’s been stolen again.