Beth didn’t have school today, but Jonathan did. When I was getting ready for work he was downstairs retching as if to clear out his sinuses, only worse. Yep. He “sold the Buick.” But he thought that it was nothing more than a mucus problem, so I drove him to school (he didn’t feel like it).

He lasted through one class and hurled again. Actually, all I really know is that he hurled. Dunno if he made it through his first class or not. He didn’t feel up to attending his afternoon class, so he emailed his prof and told him/her (dunno which) that he wouldn’t make it. In my opinion, that always has more credibility if it’s done before the class is missed rather than after. He rode the trolley to my building, found an empty office, and tried to take a nap in the chairs. I called Va to see if she’d come and get him.

She was already in town making a grocery run. We figured it would be best if she finished her shopping before she fetched him, as I’m sure he would prefer sleeping in a chair as opposed to cruising around Concord. She finished up in short order and then picked him up. He was napping when I got home.

We have two feet of snow in the forecast. It’s about time. We haven’t had more than that all winter, and here I am with a brand new, hardly used snowblower! Bring it on!