Dunno how to explain this one, but there was at least six inches of snow on the deck this morning, but only about four on the driveway. I got up 30 minutes early and cleared it off with no trouble though. Then Jonathan, Beth, and I went to school/work.

After work, Jonathan and I stopped at Taco Bell before going over to the church. He worked on mastering the audio for the puppet show this coming Sabbath, and I took down the paint room we had set up in one of the rooms last Sunday. The puppeteers showed up a little after 6:00, and we started rehearsing. It went pretty well! Well enough that I didn’t call for a second rehearsal tomorrow night. I asked Jonathan to burn our soundtrack onto a CD for each kid so thy could listen to it dozens of times before the performance.

I also handed over the unfinished puppets to one of the parents so she could finish them before the weekend arrives. Then we came home.

Beth was already in bed waiting for her bedtime story. We read the last chapter to The Return of the King, and I think this marks my 15th reading of that particular trilogy. She certainly enjoyed it. Dunno what we’ll read next though.

Tomorrow I need to pick up a chunk of linen to serve as the backdrop for our puppet stage. I also realized that we have a Pathfinder meeting scheduled for Sunday, and I have no idea what honor we will work on then. Maybe Firefighting, but that depends on whether Paul will join us for our annual inspection. I need to ask him! I’ve been so focussed on Pathfinder Sabbath that I haven’t given any thought at all to the day that follows.