Lot’s of things happened today, so I’ll just start at the beginning. First, nearly every school around here was cancelled because of snow. But what was really unusual was that it was on the forecast of snow, not on snow falling from the sky and piling up on the roads. I can’t recall that having ever happened here before. Beth’s school, with its one teacher born and bred in Tennessee, was about the only open school anywhere near here. She did decide to close at noon though. Many of my co-workers also stayed home, so the office was nearly empty.

David had an orthodontia appointment this morning, so Va brought him in for that. Jonathan got out of class just before noon too, so we all decided to have lunch together and enjoy some “Hut cuisine.” (Couldn’t resist reusing that one. Sorry.)

While we were eating, the snow began to fly. I went back to the office, and the rest of the family went home. I had intended to work until 5:00, but the snow was getting pretty thick. I decided not to risk it, and left around 4:30. It was slow going, but I managed to get home without incident.

And what did I find at the house? The replacement hook gear for my sewing machine. And joy of joys! It was a metal gear, not a nylon one. Woo hoo! So after supper, I cleared the table and tore into the sewing machine. It resisted my best efforts. I took out every set screw holding the hook gear onto its shaft, and I removed the bevel gear with which it mates. I pryed. I cajoled. But nothing I could do would dislodge it from its shaft. And then I broke a rod that drives that shaft. Snap. I suppose I could buy a replacement, but it’s going to be a real booger to get it on. It’s other end lies deep within the bowels of the sewing machine. Sigh.

Of course that means there is absolutely no way I’m going to get the puppet costumes made before Friday. So I asked one of the parents if she would make a few of them. She is already making two, and I have already made two. I really only need four more, and one of those is nearly finished. I’ll prolly hand-stitch it.

Last time I checked we had about five inches of snow on the ground. I’ll need to get up early to clear it, or if it stops snowing before it gets too late, maybe I’ll clear it tonight.