Today the Concord Monitor was running a story about the goings-on in Concord, specifically, on Main Street which is where my office is. And our building was in the story. And our Landlord. But not in a good way. Apparently, our building will be on the auction block later this month. It is being foreclosed upon. I think I can quit waiting for the cardboard window in my office to be replaced now. After all, January is long gone, and somehow I don’t think our Landlord’s promises are going to be honored.

We’ve finally got some snow in the forecast. I’ve been jealous all month of my friends and relatives to the south who have been getting hammered with snow all month. They don’t want it. Meanwhile, I do want it, but we’ve not been getting it, and we’re supposed to get snow in the winter. Last year we got ten feet. This year, we’ve gotten maybe two feet all told, and we had rain in January. They’re forecasting six inches or so for tomorrow. That’s not a very big storm, but I’ll take what we can get.