I really enjoyed this strip today. Maybe you’ll like it too.

I finished painting my Pinewood Derby plane today. I’d take a picture, but I’m pretty tired right now. You’ll just hafta take my word for it that it looks really nice. I still haven’t put any wheels on it, but what’s the hurry? Oh – the race is next Saturday evening, so I guess that’s the hurry. Still, there’s plenty-o-time.

I brought the puppet theater to the church tonight for the Pathfinder meeting. We rehearsed the skit. Jonathan edited together all the dialog we had, but it still needs a couple of pauses added here and there for some of the action to take place. One of my voices from last week wasn’t there this week. So we had to re-record his parts, since not all of his part had been recorded. I can’t switch voices in mid-skit! We’ll rehearse again on Wednesday evening, because there are still kinks to work out.

I guess I’ll post this now, as Penny keeps slapping her snout onto my keyboard. I think she’s jealous of the laptop. She’ll get her snout under it sometimes like she’d trying to throw it off my lap.