I hauled the PVC puppet theater up from the basement tonight. I had to take it apart in order to do that, but it was designed to be taken apart, so that was not a problem. I reassembled it and then opened up the canvases I had bought to cover it. Wouldn’t you know it, the one I bought to serve as the backdrop was the wrong size. I thought I was getting a 4×6 canvas, but it was a 4×5 instead. The theater is 6′ long too, so this will in no way work. Oh well. The other canvas is 4×15, so I could conceivably cut 6′ off of it and use that for the backdrop, but then I’d have to sew the 4×5 to the remainder so I’d have enough canvas to cover the front and sides. I suspect I will just get a length of white linen instead, so that I can opt to project scenery onto it someday.

I still need to make one more puppet, and I need to make clothes for six more, but until the sewing machine is recommissioned, that ain’t gonna happen.