For Pathfinder Sabbath, the Friend class (my unit) will be doing a puppet show. For that, we’re going to need puppets. I went to Walmart yesterday and bought some plush toys with the intention of turning them into puppets. I must say that step one is the most satisfying, which is when you cut them off at the waist. Step two was to remove most of the stuffing (leaving it in the head). Tonight I took it to the next level (which provides a workable puppet) which is to sew a sock into it. That will hide the puppeteers arms as well as prevent the head stuffing from coming out. Here’s how two of them look so far:

Plush toy puppets

Plush toy puppets

I did come up with a neat trick for sewing the socks to the puppets. The problem is that the needle will either not penetrate the sock, or it could penetrate multiple layers which would sew the sock closed. To prevent this, I crammed a plastic cup into the sock first. Then I jammed the needle in until it hit the plastic, and I knew I had picked up exactly one layer of sock. My first (admittedly stupid) approach was to poke my left hand in there and gingerly insert the needle until I felt a slight needle prick. The cup went much more quickly.

They are just about usable in this state, but shirts that say “Love you” and “Hug me” do not exactly advance the plot of our puppet skit. So they will get garments.

I sent two puppets home with two kids (four puppets in all) after giving the parents some rough instructions for making them. I shoulda given them some cloth too so they could make the costumes, but that didn’t occur to me until tonight.