Last month Va called me at work and told me “Yes is coming to the Capitol Center. I thought you might like to go.” She was right, but I didn’t want to go alone. I asked her if she would go with me, and she said something along the lines of “Sure. I don’t hate them TOO much.” So I bought a pair of tickets.

After looking to see which members of Yes would be there, I got some of the cheaper tickets. Jon Anderson was not in the line-up, nor was Trevor Rabin. If Chris Squire hadn’t been in the line up I prolly would have passed. Anyhow, the concert was tonight, and I was stoked about going.


Then Va called me at work again today. “Can you find someone else to go with you?” Hmmm. I didn’t think that sounded too hard. So I started asking all my “old” friends (young friends aren’t into old bands). Nope. No. Can’t. etc.

Va decided not to go because she has so much to do to prepare for Camp In. Then I got to thinking about how maybe I should help her. I decided that I shouldn’t go either, because if I helped her instead, it might ratchet down her stress level a couple of notches. Only I couldn’t give the tickets away on such short notice. Everyone thanked me for the offer, but between spelling bees and baby sitters, it just wasn’t going to happen.

So I thought maybe the boys might go, only I couldn’t figure out how to get them there and back without taking two hours of my time. Turns out David was completely uninterested, but Jonathan thought it might be fun. When I got home, Va told me I should most definitely go. So Jonathan and I went.


They had two new guys in the band, which is typical for Yes. I’m not sure, but I don’t think they’ve ever released two consecutive albums with the same line up. Yes members come, and Yes members go. Then they come back again. They been operating this was since the late sixties.

One of the new guys was Oliver Wakeman, the son of former member Rick Wakeman. He did pretty good! My only complaint was that they didn’t have him mixed loud enough (or they had the rest of the band mixed too loud).

The other new guy was Benoit something (didn’t catch his last name). He did a very convincing Jon Anderson imitation. In fact, his performance more closely matched the studio recordings than anyone elses. He was excellent.

On the way there, I popped in a Yes CD and we listened to two songs (Siberian Khatru, and Onward). And when the concert started, those were the first two song they played. In that order. That was cool. I don’t remember all the songs they played, but there were only three that I was unfamiliar with. From what I recall, in addition to the first two I’ve alread listed, they played these as well:

  • All Good People
  • Yours Is No Disgrace
  • South Side of the Sky
  • And You And I
  • Owner of a Lonely Heart
  • Round About
  • Heart of the Sunrise
  • Machine Messiah
  • (another song from Drama that I didn’t know)
  • Starship Trooper (as the encore)

There were probably more. Anyhow, I enjoyed the show, and Jonathan did too.