It has been cold and windy all day. The furnace at the office was unable to keep up with the leaky window, so it was quite chilly in there. I turned on a space heater, and that helped quite a bit. I have a pinwheel I made a couple of years ago just to see if the leaks around the window were enough to set it in motion. They are.

I’ve had weather alerts popping up in my browser all day, and they always say the same thing – its cold and windy! Right now the wind is howling outside and the thermometer reads 7°F. Out of curiosity, I checked the conditions on Mount Washington, the former wind-speed record holder. It’s -22°F there, and the wind is 61MPH. And it’s foggy. Although I would very much like to go up to the summit one of these days, I’m glad I’m not there now!