The seminars this morning were pretty interesting. I had been worried that I’d have trouble staying awake during them, but that turned out to be no problem.

At the end of the sessions, I filled out a Myers-Briggs personality test, and found (as I expected), that I fit the typical engineer’s profile: INTJ. I guess I’m in good company, as the following people are considered INTJ’s as well: Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Niels Bohr, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The seminars wrapped up at noon. We had lunch, and then the boys and I set out for home. We stopped in Gorham, NH so I could let Jonathan drive (he can legally drive only in NH). I stayed awake for most of the drive, but did doze a bit after we left the White Mountains. I tried to take a few pictures from the car, but a moving, salt encrusted vehicle does not provide optimal conditions for photography. This one wasn’t too bad:

White Mountains

White Mountains

Oh, and before I forget – on the way to Maine this morning, as I was coming through the Whites, I saw a huge moose standing on the shoulder of the road. I think that if it had let me, and if I had dared, I could have walked up to it, and not been able to reach the hump of his shoulders. It was one massive moose!

Anyhow. We got home a little before 4:00. I took a nap, but had to force myself to get up so I wouldn’t sleep through bedtime. If I had, I’d have woken up again at 3:00am or something, and I really need to try to get back on a sane sleeping schedule.