Today was pretty busy for the whole family. Beth went to school, so nothing out of the usual there. But David had an appointment to have two molars extracted (not wisdom teeth) as part of his orthodontia. While he was there, he somehow managed to teach the dentist and his assistant a new word: “Woot.” This in spite of the fact that his whole mouth had been mercifully numbed and stuffed with cotton. Va escorted him there.

Meanwhile, I was with Jonathan at NHTI (New Hampshire Technology Institute) to get him enrolled in college. He had an appointment with an academic advisor at 10:00 am, but needed to get a hold of the people from VLACS (where he did his high school work) about his transcripts. That was an adventure that lasted all day yesterday, with plenty of phone calls, voice mails, etc. Anyhow, the word we got via email this morning was that he needed to call their office at 7:30am. I needed to leave before then so I could get Beth to school, so the plan was for Jonathan to come into town with Va and David.

We had gotten another inch of snow during the night, and the drive to the Interstate was absolutely stunning. The tree branches were still covered with snow, and the sun was just rising, making the snow glow orange. Man. It was nice. I stopped a few times and took pictures which I think may have come out pretty OK, but the camera is still in the car, so I’m not going to post them tonight. Maybe tomorrow. But with all that stopping, I didn’t quite get Beth to school on time.

I hung out at the office for an hour or so, and then went to the dentist’s office to pick up Jonathan. They pulled in right behind me. Va and David went in the building, and Jonathan and I drove over to the campus (which is about two miles from my office). We got there at 9:15, so we stopped in the cafeteria, grabbed some breakfast, and went through the course catalog to figure out what classes he ought to take.

Classes had already started yesterday, and there was a good chance that the ones he’d want would be closed already, so we made a prioritized list. Then we went in to see his advisor.

She was a very nice person, and very helpful. It was good to hear her tell him the same thing his mother and I have been trying to pound into his head for the past four years or so. After a bit of a talk, she sent him to take some placement tests. I waited for Jonathan and surfed the web while he took the tests (which he did very well at). Then we had some lunch (off campus), and went back to see the advisor. She got him into a math class (pre-calculus), physics, and English 101 (honors variety). That means he’ll be carrying 12 hours this semester, which is full-time, but should give him enough time for paid employment as well. But that will be next week’s task. He is not “matriculated” though, meaning he is not enrolled in a program. However, that seems to me to be a technicality. He can matriculate starting next semester, and the classes he’s taking now should count towards that.

Then we gave them a big pile of money, but not nearly as much as it could have been, and went and spent $415 on text books. Ouch! After that it was on to security to get his student ID and a parking permit. Then we scoped out the campus to find where his first class was going to be tomorrow so I’d know where to drop him off. Then we came home.

Va was still out and about, but she had taken David home already. He wasn’t too sore, which I was a bit worried about. Now he cannot use a straw for three days. Or smoke (but he already couldn’t do that, seeing as how he’s a minor and his parents would kill him if he did even if it was legal). Siphoning gasoline is right out. I suppose he’ll have a bit of difficulty masticating until his gum holes heal up.

So now I have one kid who’s not matriculating and another who is not masticating, and I’m shovelling money out the door faster than it’s coming in for that privilege! But I can tell you that today has been a huge relief for me. Jonathan is still not quite finished with his high school work (which is a requirement for matriculation), but he’ll knock that out in a couple more weeks. His advisory class – a quarter credit – has gotten reset somehow due to teacherly maternity leave and his own inattentiveness. That will be done this spring. I guess. He also has a test to take for his fitness class (which he will take tonight) and a final in his physics class (which he’ll take… soon?)

I’m hoping that being in a real classroom and the fear of having to tell a teacher in person that he didn’t do an assignment will keep him focused. We’ll see!