Christmas is officially over at our house. We took down the tree and stowed it in the attic. Beth took off the ornaments, David took down the lights, and Jonathan took down the tree.

After that I went to Lowes and bought a couple of 1×12’s so we could use them as knot boards in Pathfinders. I have six members now that were not with us in January of last year, so I needed six new knot boards. Last year I started cutting these from lumber, whereas before we used poster board, or display boards. But those look tacky. With lumber, it’s something a person might want to hang up in their bedroom or in their office (which is where mine is).

Several of the knots are hitches though, meaning they have to be tied around something. Hard to do that on a board. I went out to my woods and found a small maple tree that had its top bent all the way to the ground. I cut it into 2 foot sections, and attached one to each knot board, suspending it from the top (or bottom) of the knot board with dowels. Kinda like a handrail along the top. The kids can tie their hitches to that.

We will continue with the knots next week, but I need to buy more rope. I also need to cut it into pieces (with the ends taped) ahead of time, as I felt I spent twice as much time taping and cutting lengths of rope as I did teaching kids to tie knots. We only managed to get through four knots that way, and those were the easy ones!